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date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 16:32:57 +0800
from: K L Wong <>
subject: Reducing Emissions
to: "''" <>

Dear Phil,

I am KL Wong, President of an investment group in Hong Kong. I read with
great interest an article published in The Guardian (and republished here in
Hong Kong) on 15 December 2006 that quoted your views on climate change.

The reason I am writing to you is simply to let you know of a particular
palm-oil based product made in Malaysia which I believe is revolutionary,
and which if used on a wide scale, could significantly reduce emissions
levels in the world. Essentially, this product (called "XXL") is a
'cracking catalyst' that works on a nano level to break the hydro-carbon
chains in fuels into shorter chains, thereby enhancing the quality of the
fuels. This improvement in the fuel quality results in more complete
combustion, which in turn results in reduced emissions (which as you know is
caused by incomplete combustion), by up to 60%. Very significantly, sulphur
levels are also reduced - a lab test done recently in the Philippines showed
sulphur reductions of 8%.

And the icing on the cake for all this is that, because of the more complete
combustion caused by the fuel quality enhancement, the power generated is
also increased, and there are fuel savings as well (less fuel needed). The
intrinsic qualities of palm oil also gives a detergent/cleaning and
lubrication effect on the engine. Please note that this is NOT an additive,
but a catalyst which becomes ONE with the fuel (you will find no trace of
the substance after insertion). Also, unlike most additives, this product is
99.99% natural (based on palm-oil).

Please see the attached ppt for more information if you are interested.

This product was developed by a team of scientists in Malaysia after 16
years of research, but it has not been marketed very well (scientists
sometimes do not make very good marketers!). I was therefore wondering
whether you might know of any prominent institutions or government bodies in
the UK (or even elsewhere) which may find this product interesting. If so,
I would be more than happy to send some samples over for it to be tested,
and for the claims to be verified.

If you like the product and have your channels, you may even wish to be an
official/unofficial agent for this product when the time comes.

In any event, I hope to receive your feedback on this product when you have
a spare moment.

Thanks and regards,


<<XXL for Fuel Blender - 2007Jan.ppt>>

KL Wong
Softbank Investment International (Strategic) Limited
5/F SBI Centre
56 Des Voeux Road Central
Hong Kong
Direct: (852) 2155 2627
Fax: (852) 2155 9896

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