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date: Thu, 22 May 2003 15:14:01 -0400
from: Scott Rutherford <>
subject: Re: New tree-ring density data
to: Tim Osborn <>


When you have a moment can you send me the lat/long for the 115 MXD
series? I've ended up with two datafiles that are slightly different
and I just want to make sure I've got things straight.

I'm almost done revising the manuscript. It took me much longer than I
thought do to other commitments rearing their heads. Look for it in the
next week or so.

Hope all is well.



On Wednesday, November 8, 2000, at 07:45 AM, Tim Osborn wrote:

> Scott & Mike,
> Keith and I have created a new gridded tree-ring density dataset, by
> superimposing (as we discussed before I left, Mike) additional
> low-frequency temperature variability from the age-banded regional
> timeseries on to the existing gridded tree-ring density dataset that
> had
> been traditionally standardised and was therefore lacking in low
> frequency
> variance. I've put the new dataset onto holocene for you to pick up
> (/users/tosborn/data/schweingruber_mxdabd_grid.dat.gz). Once you have
> gunzip'd it, you'll see that the format is the same as before: columns
> are
> the 115 grid boxes, rows are the 595 years from 1400-1994. These data
> are
> actually our calibrated data (deg C anomalies wrt 1961-90), though you
> should make them dimensionless by normalising with their 1900-1960
> mean and
> standard deviation prior to putting them through the Tapio Schneider
> regularized EM process. And of course, set all post-1960 to missing.
> The
> missing code in the file is -9.99.
> Although the two Briffa et al. papers that I left with you are the main
> references to use for the data set and for the regional-mean
> reconstructions (the Holocene paper for the standardised ones and the
> paper for the age banded ones), the gridding, the calibration of the
> gridded data set and the incorporation of the low-frequencies into the
> gridded data will all be written up in a different paper. The
> provisional
> reference for this is:
> Osborn TJ, Briffa KR, Jones PD and Schweingruber FH (2000)
> Reconstructing
> summer temperature over the Northern Hemisphere since AD1400 from a
> tree-ring network. In preparation.
> So that's the one to use if you wish to cite the gridded datasets.
> How are the imputations going with the standardised gridded data?
> Best regards
> Tim
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