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Hi Malcolm,

I'm on the case as it were. It is another "attack the hockey stick and throw out
all prior tree ring work in the process" paper by the look of it. Pretty naive
at that level. I am reviewing the paper submitted to IJC. Schofield is at
Columbia in the Stats Dept, but I don't know him. I am discussing this with
Manu Lall as well who is an expert on Hierarchical Bayes. So when I get back to
Lamont on May 6 I will sort this matter out in better detail.



Quoting Malcolm Hughes <>:

> Guys - know anything about Matthew Schofield and Richard Barker's
> "Deconstructing reconstruction" approach? They are making some pretty
> sweeping claims. What I could find on the web is attached, plus they
> seemed to have given a talk or poster at last year's EGU. Cheers, Malcolm
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