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date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 13:53:26 +0100
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: comments on NERC long-term support
to: k.briffa@uea

Nothing terribly wrong with it, but is it worth 400K? It will improve upon
the simpler models (e.g. proposed Millesym, or Rahmstorf/PIK CLIMBER model,
or Stocker's model), but will it be a big enough improvement? It will have
some chance at simulating the key processes of mid-latitude depressions,
NAO and ENSO, but may not do them well enough. The only reference to the
intermediate GCM is old (1975). Some recent studies suggest that a higher
resolution than T21 is needed in order to simulate a realistic/strong
response of the atmosphere to mid and high latitude SST variations - will
the T21 IGCM be too insensitive and therefore fail to correctly simulate
changes in storms, storm tracks, NAO etc. during different periods of the
proposed simulation? ENSO is also mentioned as important, yet most recent
studies show the need for high ocean resolution in the tropical Pacific to
get a very realistic simulation. Will a low-res MOM ocean perform well

They will suggest that there is no alternative, since the full
A/OGCM+ice+land is too slow to run.

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