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date: Thu Oct 14 12:39:16 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: AR4 IPCC/blocking issue of 3.5 subsection

I would try and get this person involved, unless you really want to write the text
I would suspect she has only recently finished her PhD at ETH-Z, so it might be better if
you write the text using her and any other papers. My reason for suggesting Huw Davies
was that his text would be more usable. He's obviously passed the request on.
This was the only paper I could find in a google search with blocking and NH in, so it is
likely that there isn't much to review. If there isn't much then we should also say that.
blocking section will end up short, but this will leave space for other parts of your
to expand upon where much work has been done. There might be updated blocking indices
on web sites, if you know of good ones - even if papers haven't been written recently
(e.g. the Tibaldi/Molteni index).
This person (cornelia) will not be a reviewer of the draft. Those people will be of the
whole chapter
and we've already given the names to WGI.
At 12:02 14/10/2004, wrote:

Kevin, Phil:
I've just received a message from Prof. Davies whom I asked a recommendation for a CA to
cover the blocking issue (3.5.4) in the changes in atmospheric circulation subsection
(following Phil's suggestion in a message sent on 8th of October). The recommended
person is Cornelia Schwierz ( e-mail, ETH, Zuerich, Switzerland),
the first author of the GRL paper on blocking which Phil sent us, in the previously
mentioned message.
The time is pressing us and perhaps is a little bit late to start again the recruiting
procedure, I don't know. Another solution is to write myself the blocking paragraph and
ask for informal comments. I have already looked for and found some blocking articles
which can be useful. I wait your decision in this matter. Thanks.
PS In my opinion, Cornelia Schwierz may be a reviewer of the draft -- if the list is
still open to add names.

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